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News Release: 5/22/2017

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May 22, 2017

The Ambassador Summer Internship Program is an internship program for currently enrolled college students sponsored by the City of San Antonio. The program exposes students to professional opportunities and innovative career paths through paid internships, Peer-to-Peer networking sessions, and community service projects. Program participants are placed with government entities, non-profit agencies, and private organizations to gain experience in high-demand occupations in an effort to attract San Antonio’s graduating professionals to career opportunities within the local community.


The Ambassador Summer Internship Program was launched in the summer of 2004 through an initiative presented by then-District 7 Councilman Julián Castro. The program received the Texas Workforce Innovation Award in 2005. An average of 120 Ambassador Interns are enrolled and placed in internship positions each year from a variety of participating local, state and nationwide colleges and universities.


To apply for an Ambassador Internship, applicants must meet all of the criteria below:
Have already completed at least one full year (two semesters) of college and be currently enrolled
Be a San Antonio high school graduate or enrolled in a college/university in San Antonio
Be a permanent resident of the City of San Antonio
Demonstrate and maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average or better
Submit proof of residence (utility bill or copy of mortgage/lease)
Submit current official or unofficial college or university transcript with at least a 2.5 GPA
Submit current résumé
Submit a minimum 250 word essay stating why you would like to participate in the
Ambassador Program and include a description of your career goals.